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Canadian P2P software firm enters UK market

Katipult has announced it will be launching its bespoke peer-to-peer (P2P) lending software in the UK.

The Canadian firm has partnered with innovative payments company Mangopay to bring a compliant P2P lending solution to the UK market.

Katipult’s P2P lending software facilitates the entire investment process from marketing and distribution through to investor tax reporting to provide a secure and flexible transaction environment.

The partnership with Mangopay will allow P2P platforms to hold lender funds and receive earnings in a wallet in a secure and compliant way.

Brock Murray, CEO of Katipult, said it was excited to offer this bespoke software in the UK.

“The level of sophistication and security required to properly service the debt markets is unique and we’re bringing a product to the UK market that benefits everyone from lenders to borrowers, as well as regulators, by creating a high standard for industry confidence.”

Céline Lazorthes, CEO of Mangopay, added: “P2P platforms require a high level of technical specification and functionality. 

“The partnership between Katipult and Mangopay perfectly answers this need. 

“Katipult offers a powerful software combined to Mangopay’s seamless payment solution.”

Katipult is currently being used in over 20 regulatory environments.

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