Anil Stocker

P2P lender to offer commercial finance brokers 40% share of revenue

MarketInvoice has launched a new commission structure for partners which will offer commercial finance brokers a 40% share of its first-year subscription fee.

The invoice finance peer-to-peer platform has introduced the new structure as it looks to double lending to £2bn in 2017 and comes after it broke its lending record in Q1. 

Commercial finance brokers, accountants and financial advisers will receive a 40% share of the MarketInvoice subscription fee in the first year from all new clients referred to MarketInvoice Pro and 20% every year they remain a client thereafter.

MarketInvoice Pro was launched earlier this year and offers businesses a funding line against all their outstanding invoices and is claimed to have propelled growth in 2017.

All partners will have access to the introducer partner portal to refer clients directly to and track their progress.

They will receive transparent updates on commissions as well as support from a dedicated partnership manager.

“In structuring this commission structure, we acknowledge the trusted status which accountants, commercial finance brokers and financial advisers have with businesses,” said Anil Stocker, co-founder and CEO at MarketInvoice (pictured above). 

“We want to build on that trust and deliver additional value to their clients across the country, while ensuring that they benefit from our success.”

MarketInvoice provided £54.7m of funding to UK businesses in March, recently announced the appointment of Zopa co-founder Giles Andrew as chairman and secured new funding partnerships with local authorities in Leeds and West Oxfordshire.

“Our success has been driven by the product service and customer experience we promise and deliver,” added Anil. 

“80% of businesses that come to MarketInvoice have never used invoice finance previously and, over time, we have built an 81% retention among them over five years. 

“These businesses grow, typically, 35% per annum while they remain with us; we want to be able to service them further as they head into peak growth phases and MarketInvoice Pro provides the means to do so.”

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