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MFS to launch £20m property investment drive

Bridging lender Market Financial Solutions (MFS) is preparing to launch a £20m property investment drive for refurbishments.

The fund will be dedicated to UK investors seeking finance to support their refurbishments and property turnaround strategies.

The move follows a Property Investor Index study from MFS, which found that 11.5 million investors consider the next 24 months as an ample opportunity to execute a short-term investment strategy.

“MFS’s Property Investment Drive is a result of our research to identify what property investors need by providing necessary and fast access to finance to help support their short-term investment plans,” said Tiba Raja, director at MFS.

“By having a better understanding of the market, our feedback has been a requirement for a more supportive and transparent turnaround for auctions, refurbishments and BTL properties for all investors who are looking to grow and develop.

“This gives everyone an opportunity [to] thrive.”

The MFS study found that 37% of investors currently view BTL as an attractive investment ahead of an expected 20% surge in rental prices over the next five years.

Almost half of the respondents (45%) have become more open to the idea of other investment classes due to record-low interest rates.

Meanwhile, just 9% of respondents believed the onset of Brexit negotiations would derail their investment plans over the next two years.

This confidence may further boost property refurbishments, with the total number of planning applications submitted over the past two years having already risen at an average rate of 6%.

To find out more about the MFS Property Investment Drive, speak to a member of the MFS team on 020 7060 1234 or email [email protected].

Pictured: Paresh Raja, CEO of MFS


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