Ying Tan

Why landlords should not be ignored during the election

In any election campaign, there will be winners and losers.

Manifestos will always feature policies that impact some groups more than others. And usually parties will be focused on winning over the biggest groups. One wonders, though, whether any will look to secure the vote of the UK’s landlord community by making changes to the new landlord tax relief system, which is currently being phased in.

There are currently 1.75 million landlords in the UK and according to recent figures these landlords add almost £16bn to the economy each year. In short, they’re an important bunch of people. If politicians want to get landlords onside, they need to be focusing on the issues that are most important and, of course, landlord tax relief is one of them. 

Indeed, many landlords are lobbying their local election candidates at present over this very issue. According to reports, almost 1,500 landlords have contacted their local candidates to voice their concerns over the tax issue. 

Industry trade body the Residential Landlords Association has been urging its members to make their voices heard in this election campaign and is calling for “a tax system that encourages landlords wanting to invest in new homes for tenants and a planning system that frees up small plots as well as improving existing stock”.

Housing has already played a part in this election campaign and rightly so. There is a housing crisis in the UK and whoever has the best ideas on how to tackle it will certainly secure some votes. But landlords and the private rented sector should not be ignored. It is essential that whoever is in Number 10 after 8th June takes steps to support landlords and promote a thriving private rented sector. Without it, the housing crisis will get a whole lot worse.

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