Racefields to buy and sell debt from bridging lending market

Racefields is seeking to connect with bridging lenders who are interested in refinancing parts of their loan book after opening a trading room to buy and sell debt from the bridging market.

The Manchester-based corporate finance house has operated in the alternative and traditional finance sectors for over two years.

During that time, it has helped businesses secure money through crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and private equity.

The move into debt trading comes as Racefields opens it new office in central Manchester.

Chris Maamoun, managing director of Racefields, felt that with a sector growing as fast as the bridging market, it had been approached by a number of lenders to look for funding lines which had triggered its decision to become a debt trader.

“We want to enable lenders to grow by selling parts of their loan book for a lower cost than they are currently paying for their capital which releases funds to support new loans.

“We will be aggregating loans sourced from various lenders.

“This spreads concentration levels lowering the risk profile for our buyers.

“The concept is to lower the cost of funds to lenders and to release further capital for them to deploy.”

Interested bridging lenders should contact Chris on 07756 744 138 or visit the Racefields website.

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