Andrew Bloom and John Hall

Andrew Bloom and Jon Hall take part in the Great North Run

Masthaven's CEO Andrew Bloom (pictured above, right) and managing director Jon Hall (left) both took part in the recent Great North Run in Newcastle to raise money for charity.

The pair dressed for Sunday’s event as the 118 118 company mascots and joined 57,000 runners in the world’s biggest half marathon.

The money raised by the duo will be donated to the Gauchers Association, a charity supporting individuals and families suffering from Gaucher disease.

The disease is an autosomal recessive condition caused by the deficiency of a specific enzyme in the body as a result of a genetic mutation received from both parents.

Speaking before the event, Andrew said: “Gauchers Association is a charity very close to my heart and I’m looking forward to looking silly for a very serious disease.
“We can’t thank everyone enough who has supported our cause so far.”

Andrew and Jon are collecting donations at and, at the time of writing, had raised £7,896.50.


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