Lendy reaches £183m in total repayments to investors

Lendy has reached a total of £183m in total repayments to investors.

As it celebrated its fifth anniversary, the peer-to-peer property investment platform also revealed that it had returned £100m to investors in the last 12 months alone, a 120% increase on last year.

Total repayments made to investors included £152m in capital repayments and £31m in interest repayments since the platform’s inception in October 2012.

“We continue to show that P2P lending can deliver investors reliable returns, and the amount repaid to our investors is increasing every year,” said Liam Brooke, co-founder of Lendy (pictured above).

Lendy recently returned £7.92m to its investors in what it claimed was one of the biggest single UK P2P loan repayments.

“The fact that the UK’s biggest-ever single P2P loan repayment was delivered through our platform is a testament to the due diligence processes we undertake for our clients,” claimed Liam.

“However, we are always looking for new ways to improve our service and we have several targets for the coming year.”

The platform has provided £338m in loans via its 17,700-strong community of investors.

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