B2Bmortgage rebrands and aims to increase team by 50

Brokerage B2Bmortgage has rebranded to B2Bfinance.com and is set to expand its team by over 50 people over the next few months.

The name change coincides with the brokerage’s change in strategy, which will see it open up to other areas of business finance.

These include less property-oriented products, such as:

  • working capital loans
  • asset finance
  • invoice factoring
  • foreign exchange
  • business utilities
  • business insurance
  • business banking.

B2Bfinance.com works closely with the major comparison websites, social platforms and search engines to generate enquiries, with leads received into its in-house CRM/case-packaging tool COSMIC.

“We have steadily built a 30-strong brokering team focused on the financing of commercial property and residential investment property,” said James Booker, co-founder of B2Bfinance.com (pictured above).

“The web-based model has proven to be very successful, so successful that we are now looking to build out similar-sized teams in other verticals.”

COSMIC is beginning to utilise API interfaces available from the likes of Experian, Equifax, Companies House, Land Registry and Yodlee to help package cases.

B2Bfinance.com hopes to remove the large amount of time brokers spend manually packaging cases and pass on those savings to the client in the form of reduced or zero broker fees.

“COSMIC is the key, it allows us to combine multiple teams of home-working brokers, who can collaborate on a single case,” said James.

“This is delivered in a low-cost manner to the client, while exploiting the knowledge and expertise of experienced finance professionals to the benefit of the client.

“We have seen a number of large-scale business/personal information providers release excellent APIs over the last couple of years.

“We believe ‘open banking’ is the final piece of the jigsaw, which will allow fintech-focused brokers and lenders to package and assess applications with ease.”

B2Bfinance.com will expand its brokering team by more than 50 people over the next three to four months as it builds out the various teams required.

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