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Why having a former chartered surveyor at a lender is useful for brokers

The transition from being a chartered surveyor to working at a specialist lender can offer a number of advantages – especially for brokers.

David Foster, relationship manager at Ortus Secured Finance (pictured above), started at Colliers in July 2013 and qualified as a chartered surveyor.  

David has worked as a valuer in the Midlands and London.

David explained to B&C that his past experience meant he understood the importance of speed in a property transaction, especially where there was competition for good property.

“While it may seem like a complete switch around from valuing to lending, it means I understand the complex situations borrowers can face - and I have plenty of experience dealing with property-related problems.”

David also worked on occasions as an LPA receiver and believed this could benefit borrowers.

“My experience as an LPA receiver gives a really good insight into the real value of property when it goes wrong – which is good for the lender – as well as helping borrowers who might be buying from an LPA receiver.

“Bridging can play an important role, particularly in stopping situations getting as far as they did when I saw them.”

David added that having his own gut feeling for property was useful to brokers as he was able to let them know from the start if the lender could progress a case or not.

“It hopefully means I can spot a good opportunity when I see one and give my internal support/backing to good property deals.”

David joined Ortus because they had delivered – and been recognised for – several innovative products, with a property development product set to be launched in the near future.

“It’s difficult to say why more people haven’t made the switch from surveying to lending – perhaps it’s seen as an unusual switch in career paths – but I definitely think there is a place ‘on the other side’ for surveyors.”

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