Colin Sanders

Colin Sanders launches new bridging lender

Former CEO of Fortwell Capital, Colin Sanders (pictured above), has launched new bridging lender Tuscan Capital.

Matthew Rogers and Bob Sturges have joined the senior team as head of sales and head of PR & marketing respectively, having worked with Colin previously.

Tuscan Capital
Pictured left to right: Matthew Rogers, Bob Sturges and Colin Sanders

The Mayfair-based lender – which is supported by both private and institutional investment from Quilam Capital – has secured robust funding lines able to support its ambitious growth forecasts.

Tuscan Capital’s products range comprises both conventional and ‘outside the box’ short-term funding solutions to the non-regulated real estate bridging sector throughout England and Wales.

Tuscan Capital’s offering includes:

•    direct access to senior mandated decision makers - no credit committees
•    short decision lines
•    ‘outside the box’ lending - bespoke decisions and risk-based pricing
•    ‘inside the box’ lending - priced for competitiveness
•    intermediary-focused model
•    funding from £250,000-3m - and more by negotiation
•    monthly rates from 0.75%
•    terms from 3-18 months
•    non-regulated business only.

Commenting on the launch, Colin said: “The first question I’m asked by industry insiders is can the market take another lender?

“I believe it can, so long as that lender addresses a need and provides a solution not necessarily available elsewhere.

“At Tuscan Capital, we’re not looking to radically re-shape bridging or claim a market leading position overnight.

“We will not be driven to write volume as our main priority.

“Instead, we’ll focus resolutely on our key principle of combining traditional values with new, innovative thinking.

“In particular, we will bring back speed and decisiveness to the decision making process.”

Matt Rodgers
Matthew Rogers

Colin explained that the lender’s highly experienced team would be critical to its success.

“Having Matt and Bob on board is just the beginning, with more familiar names to follow.”

Tuscan team

Pictured left to right: Colin Sanders, Matthew Rogers and Bob Sturges 

Tuscan Capital confirmed that further appointments have already been made and will be announced in due course.

“Together with the faith shown in Tuscan by Quilam Capital – a high-quality investor with a seriously impressive track record – I’m entirely confident we will carve out a niche in the market that benefits borrowers and brokers alike,” Colin added.

Bob Sturges
Bob Sturges

Kieran McSweeney, partner at Quilam Capital, added: “We are delighted to be supporting Colin and his talented team once again.

“The bridging sector is one where we have a lot of experience and, despite being competitive, Colin has the relationships and track record to make Tuscan Capital a very exciting investment for us.”

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