Assetz Capital

Assetz Capital introduces manual lending Isa

Assetz Capital has launched an Isa wrapper on its manual lending account (MLA).

The new Isa is the final addition to the Assetz Capital Isa offering.

The P2P lender recently announced it had registered 2,000 investors for its Innovative Finance Isa (IFIsa) since it launched in December last year.

So far, Isa users have invested £14m, with one third coming from transfers from other Isa providers.

Stuart Law, CEO at Assetz Capital (pictured above), said: “Since the very start of our Isa planning we have been determined to include the manual lending option.

“Technically it has been a challenge, but we’ve delivered a brilliant product that will cater for our long-term, sophisticated investors.

“This is the account that we launched our platform with many years ago.”

Stuart added that while some other platforms have phased out manual lending, it had always said that it must remain an option for its investors.

“It’s one of the reasons we retain so many early P2P adopters on our platform.

“This is P2P lending at its purest and it remains a key part of our business strategy and we expect to bring further improvements to how the MLA works in due course.

“Many investors tell us that manually picking loans is part of the enjoyment that they get from P2P lending and is akin to stock picking in the stock market.

“It’s very appealing to those who enjoy reading a credit report and forming a personal view on whether they wish to support the business and by how much.”

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