Spring Statement

The key points from the Spring Statement 2018

In the first Spring Statement, the chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond revealed the government's progress since the Autumn Budget 2017.

Mr Hammond also provided an update on the overall health of the economy and the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) forecasts.

The key points from the Spring Statement 2018 included:

Next business rates revaluation to be brought forward to 2021

The government has set out its thinking on how the tax system can change to give a fair result for digital businesses

Government to seek views on how to support people and businesses who use digital payments, ensure those who need to are able to pay with cash and prevent the use of cash to evade tax and launder money

The economy has grown for five consecutive years and exceeded expectations in 2017

Manufacturing has had its longest period of expansion in 50 years

Employment has increased by three million since 2010

Borrowing down and the first sustained fall in debt for 17 years

Over £1.5bn allocated to departments and devolved administrations to prepare for Brexit in 2018-19

Government working with 44 areas on their bids into the £4.1bn housing infrastructure fund

The housing growth partnership – which provides financial support for small housebuilders – will be more than doubled to £220m

London to receive £1.67bn to start building a further 27,000 affordable homes by the end of 2021-22

An estimated 60,000 first-time buyers have been helped by the stamp duty changes so far.

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