Aspen Bridging

Aspen launches 0.65% bridging rate offer

Aspen Bridging has slashed its rates as part of a special spring offer.

The bridging lender has dropped its lowest rates from 0.85% to 0.65% per month, initially until the end of spring.

Aspen is offering the new low rates – ranging from 0.65% to 0.75% – across all existing product ranges, including its 80% LTV product, refurbishment (including heavy) and commercial product range.

The offer – available to both new and existing introducers –  comes as Aspen looks to expand its loan book further and demonstrate that it has the capability to deliver to a wider audience.

Aspen also hopes to widen its scope and attract business in the lower LTV market as well as more customers within its existing high LTV focus.

As well as the offer, Aspen is also launching a new CRM tool – made entirely in-house – to enable it to handle the anticipated surge in demand.

“We just love rapid bridging and we want to do more with these new rates,” said Jack Coombs, director at Aspen (pictured above).

“Our message to brokers out there looking for a reliable lender is to look at the cases we have actually completed in record time.

“We do what we say on the tin, so bring us your cases and you won’t be disappointed.”

Aspen has created new SLAs with its valuation partners after completing a three-day bridging loan.

“At Aspen, our focus is fundamentally on service, we aim to be able to provide the fastest and most reliable turnarounds in the industry,” added Ed Ahrens, managing director at Aspen.

“We are now looking to complement this with market-leading rates.”

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