Plutus launches new cryptocurrency app

Cryptocurrency company Plutus has announced the launch of its tap and pay app and DEX platform.

The new Plutus app allows customers to spend cryptocurrencies contactlessly in stores with NFC-enabled terminals, while the digital exchange platform enables customers to exchange cryptocurrency for pounds and euros.

Customers are able to top up their Plutus app with bitcoin, ether or even pluton – the house digital currency – and then spend it anywhere.

“Our system is the first that is safe for customers, easy for merchants and acceptable to banks,” said Danial Daychopan, CEO and founder at Plutus (pictured above).

“It’s a push-only system and purchases are verified using the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains, secured by the most powerful distributed computing networks in the world.”

Plutus uses a loyalty scheme, whereby customers receive up to 3% back on their purchases, which is paid straight into their account in pluton.

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