Vincent Bull

Clients just want an honest and transparent conversation

We are often asked to look at deals that do not immediately fall into the ‘normal’ category.

One such transaction came across our desk recently and we needed to put our thinking caps on and find a workable solution, quickly.

Another lender had been considering an application, but it was becoming clear that they were not going to be in a position to make the funds available in time.

So, we had a nervous developer looking for a fast turnaround, but the facility had to be based around commercial rates and conditions, as there was a prime funder in place, ready to go, that our client did not want to have to revert to in order to renegotiate. With around five days to complete, we had to get our skates on and engage with all the parties involved in the transaction, including three firms of solicitors, the prime funder and the introducer, who was key to ensuring information arrived quickly.

A site visit was required and, as we all know, these are never local, so an eight-hour round trip was completed within 48 hours, which enabled us to meet the developer client (we are old fashioned and feel that we should meet everyone we do business with), answer his questions and allay his fears that completion was going to be delayed.

Fortunately, everybody in the chain pulled together to help us deliver a £1.2m facility on time and with a fee structure and terms and conditions that worked for the client and did not cause any issues for the prime funder, with whom we have now struck up a relationship and hope to work with going forward.

As usual, nothing really changes in the funding sector. Clients just want an honest, transparent conversation and delivery of the funding package on time and based upon terms that work for them. Happily, we managed to tick all the boxes.

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