Rockbridge Capital

Rockbridge Capital aims to close additional £11m by end of year

Rockbridge Capital Ltd has revealed that it hopes to close another £11m of finance between now and the end of the year.

The London-based company has been lending since November 2017 and is led by director Rudy Metta.

The announcement comes after Rockbridge recently completed a complex deal for a client.

Following two months of due diligence, the lender provided a £3.2m loan at 45% LTV secured against a biogas business and three other assets valued at over £22m.

The 12-month second charge facility will be used to restructure, ramp up output and improve the company’s EBITDA.

Rudy said that its ability to commit quickly and analyse cases with an extra layer of complexity differentiated it from other lenders.

“We are seeing interesting opportunities and currently have a pipeline that investors and ourselves have committed to.”

Looking at how it plans to grow its loan book, Rudy added: “We are selective and will continue to assess deals that will meet our parameters and investment returns.

“We will stick to deal-by-deal cases.

“The secured lending space is still strong and due to a lack of appetite from mainstream lenders, we believe we’ll continue to benefit.

“[The plan is] to continue as we are, and to focus on perhaps hiring a BDM going forward.”


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