Precise Mortgages

Precise helps property investor achieve £40,000 equity growth

A property investor has achieved net equity growth of nearly £40,000 using Precise Mortgages' refurbishment BTL product.

The investor attained this level of growth in just two months, with both elements of the case packaged by 3mc.

Precise completed on the bridging element in nine working days, which allowed the customer to purchase the property at auction.

The property was revalued at more than £300,000 after refurbishment work had been completed.

Alan Cleary, managing director at Precise Mortgages (pictured above), said: “Landlords have traditionally faced difficulty in securing finance to refurbish a property before letting it out: this product enables them to do so.

“It allows them to purchase an under-value property without having to be a cash buyer and to use the equity growth to invest in future projects should they wish to do so.”

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