Pitch 4 Finance

Pitch 4 Finance now open for new lender registrations

Pitch 4 Finance has announced it is open for new lender registrations following its pilot phase, which launched at the end of 2018.

The new online platform optimises the search for business and property finance by allowing borrowers with specific circumstances to submit loan requests to multiple lenders in one place, matching them with suitable criteria.

The pilot phase refined the experience for lenders and borrowers.

Miranda Khadr, founder at Pitch 4 Finance (pictured above), said: “With Pitch 4, we’ve developed a platform that meets the needs of both the lender and the borrower, combining technology and individual underwriting to give both greater control of finance applications.

“With multiple lenders pitching for their business, borrowers have the opportunity to access funding underwritten for their specific circumstances.

"At the same time, lenders are able to control their appetite for business through the platform and can maintain a hands-on approach to underwriting."

Miranda added that she believed that Pitch 4 was going to revolutionise the way that property investors and businesses accessed new funding and had been fastidious with its planning and development.

"We are now completely happy with the way the system works and are ready to open the door to new lender registrations, with a full launch for customers and business loans on the imminent horizon.”

The platform is open for new lender registrations, with a full customer launch and the introduction of business loans planned for the near future.

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