Michael Biemann

Selina Finance pledges short completion times with new flexible loan product

Selina Finance has launched its flexible loan product and pledged that it will reduce the secured loan completion time by half.

The secured lender provides second charge business loans and property investment loans with rates starting from 4.95%.

It promises to provide smaller secured loans in as little as two working days, while it will provide indicative rates within two hours of completing its form and final offers within 24 hours.

Selina’s broker commissions are currently 3.5%, 2% at loan disbursement and 1.5% after 18 months.

“Brokers are the lifeblood of the secured loans industry, whether for business or property investment reasons, and we look forward to building active partnerships with as many as possible in the weeks and months ahead,” said Michael Biemann, managing director at Selina Finance (pictured above).

“Our goal as a lender is to introduce a level of flexibility and speed that is unrivalled in the market and that offers brokers a completely fresh mode of finance for their clients.

“We feel the kind of finance we are offering is a perfect solution to create instant liquidity out of equity, whether for business or property investment reasons.”

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