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Search, Skills & Match rebrands as Valorem Partners

Search, Skills & Match has rebranded as Valorem Partners in order to take its recruitment agency to the next stage.

Following some market research, the business — which has been running for four years – found that the majority of specialist finance companies used multiple recruitment agents and felt there was a gap in the market for a partner which could provide access to the best talent in the industry by working in collaboration with its clients.

The rebrand demonstrates how the company wants to be perceived by the industry, with Valorem being the Latin word for value, and its engagement process is defined as more of a partnership with clients and candidates.

The executive search firm believes that it will save its clients time and money with its new offering, which will help companies to meet their financial and overall business objectives.

New initiatives to be implemented under Valorem Partners:

  • working more closely with clients to provide a bespoke solution, resulting in a service driven by quality
  • taking time to see the bigger picture to help clients achieve their financial and overall business objectives
  • a partnership approach in order to deliver on client’s needs and requirements
  • a business focused on solving client’s specific business challenges
  • support gender diversity with the Women in Finance Charter
  • to provide its clients with free consultative advice which will help them with their recruitment in the industry

Nick Wilcox, director at Valorem Partners, said: “Providing our clients with a better value proposition is extremely important to us and our service delivery. 

“By working exclusively with our clients, we can offer a much better service to them by way of attracting the best talent in the industry, which will result in that individual adding huge value to our client’s business.

“2019 was an optimum time for us as a business, we are now four years old and keen to grow. 

“We felt it [was] time to take the business to a new level to demonstrate that we genuinely care about understanding our client’s needs and have a real interest in what is happening in the market.”

Faye Wilcox, director at Valorem Partners (pictured above), added: “Typical recruitment agencies offer a more transactional approach based on speed of delivery. 

“This approach will only give access to the active candidates in the market.

“The disadvantage here is that clients will not be seeing the best talent in the market, only those that agencies can engage with quickly.

“Valorem Partners [is] a business focused on providing a quality-driven service to clients and candidates.”

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