Max Mace

NM Finance sees opportunity for 'huge growth' in commercial sector

NM Finance has revealed that it sees an opportunity for "huge growth" for the firm in the commercial sector.

The broker currently operates in the commercial and residential sectors, with around 30% of its business coming from the former, based on number of cases.

Max Mace, director at NM Finance (pictured above), explained to Bridging & Commercial that while he doesn’t want to take anything away from the main focus of its business — residential —there was a prospect for expansion on the commercial side. 

“…In my opinion, there is opportunity for huge growth [for] our firm [in] the commercial sector, and it's an area I will try [to] grow as best I can.”

He added that advising on commercial deals required a different skill set, and that it was harder to find such advisers.

The brokerage is currently training two advisers on how to look at a commercial deal.

Max said that it was the personnel that would help the commercial side of the business to expand.

“I think it's personnel that will make [the commercial side] grow and just getting our name out there even further afield, so that more people have heard of the brand.”

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