Auxilium Real Estate

New debt adviser Auxilium Real Estate launches

Real estate debt adviser Auxilium Real Estate has launched with a focus on investors with debt requirements of over £10m.

Niall Brown (pictured above, right) and Edward Aldwinckle (left), joint managing directors of the company, have both previously worked at Link Asset Services in the same space.

The pair feel that the market is polarised between smaller, volume-driven brokers and larger debt advisers who are leveraging the relationships of their wider organisation. 

They claim that Auxilium was set up to add value in the structuring and executing of the transaction.

Niall previously served at Lloyds Banking Group for over six years, while Edward spent a similar amount of time at HSBC.

Niall claimed that with their background in real estate lending, they both understood lender requirements and borrower expectations.

Therefore, their role is to evidence and explain that all interests are aligned, which facilitates the financing process, while also pre-empting issues and structuring solutions in advance.

Auxilium will look at any aspect of real estate across the UK and Europe, including bridging, development and investment.

They felt that there was an “excellent opportunity” in the market for mid-tier investors and that Auxilium could save them time and instigate long-term relationships in addition to sourcing more competitive economic terms.

Niall said: “We continue to receive great feedback and I believe Auxilium is well placed to be at the fore of continued growth and interest in the real estate finance market.”

Edward added: “Auxilium is uniquely placed to be the trusted resource to our clients that makes finance happen efficiently and at the best terms available in the highly fragmented real estate finance market.”

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