Paresh Raja

MFS completes its largest ever bridging loan

Market Financial Solutions (MFS) has completed its largest bridging loan to date, with a £17.64m deal.

The loan supported an LLP’s acquisition of a portfolio of properties in central London, which collectively had a market value of almost £27.15m.

MFS instructed valuers to complete a report within days of receiving the enquiry to ensure the loan was arranged quickly.

The exit to the first charge loan will come via a long-term refinancing plan.

Paresh Raja, CEO at MFS, said: “The final outcome of Brexit may be uncertain, but investors are clearly seeking out new property investment opportunities, particularly here in London. 

“The challenge they face is accessing the finance needed to complete on these purchases. 

“High street banks have become increasingly risk averse, and this has resulted in more investors turning to specialist lenders to meet their capital demands.

“This bridging loan marks a significant milestone for MFS, demonstrating our expertise in deploying large funds and handling complex cases. 

“By being able to quickly deploy the necessary finance to our borrower, the case shows just why MFS is ideally placed to manage the needs of investors seeking large bridging loans to quickly complete on a property acquisition.”

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