Nick Russel

Bridging lender announces risk adjustment in light of coronavirus pandemic

TAB has announced that all its new bridging loans will have interest deducted for the full term from the outset of the loan as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

This measure will remain in place until the situation becomes clearer.

According to Nick Russell, sales director at TAB (pictured above), the potential negative economic effect of the coronavirus pandemic could impact businesses and borrowers.

He claimed that in light of the current situation, borrowers’ ability to service their loans could be compromised.

He added that this was in line with TAB’s monitoring of its risk management policies and procedures.  

In addition, the bridging lender will allow borrowers, in certain circumstances, to receive independent legal advice over video conference to avoid travelling to solicitors.

Nick said: “…We have a responsibility to our funding lines as well as borrowers not to put their properties and/or capital at risk.

“TAB is a lender that you can trust, and we pride ourselves on being transparent.

“Therefore, [we] felt it would be in the best interest to keep the market updated with our current internal policy on this situation.”  

As the business was set up to be fully mobile, Nick stated that for the lender it would be “business as usual” and the situation would not affect their daily activities. 

“We are fully committed to providing funding solutions to brokers and borrowers alike.”

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