Hope Capital

Hope Capital accepts wider range of valuation types

Hope Capital is now able to lend based on AVMs, drive-bys or desktop valuations on residential properties.

The lender previously required a full valuation.

This change has made borrowing more accessible for customers where speed is a priority.

AVMs and desktop valuations are quicker and can provide the lender with enough accuracy to progress a loan application.
These valuation types are also cheaper, which may make a loan more affordable.

In circumstances where there is a huge demand for valuers, or they are unable to attend properties, the company will still be able to progress a loan with the extended range of valuation types.

The options are part of its new custom collection which includes six products, features and options.

Gary Bailey, managing director at Hope Capital (pictured above), said: “It’s fantastic that we’re now able to accept a far broader range of valuation types. 

“Often a full valuation can take considerably more time than they may have previously. 

“Particularly given the current circumstances it’s now more important than ever that we’re flexible and can operate swiftly. 

“As always with Hope Capital we aim to offer the utmost flexibility and speed whilst being transparent throughout the process.”

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