Landlords will face 'a lot of pressure' throughout this year

"There hasn't been much support for the landlord," argued Jonathan Bregman, managing director at JD Bregman & Co (featured above), in a recent webinar on the impact Covid-19 has had on the self-employed.

While discussing the support that banks and tenants, specifically, have had during the Covid-19 pandemic, Jonathan believes that there needs to be more understanding of what landlords, who are in the middle, are currently experiencing.

“The landlord is also facing pressure … most landlords are borrowing, and therefore they need to service the debt,” he said.

 “…Therefore, there is going to be a lot of pressure on the landlords through to the end of this year.”

He explained that some of this strain will include people trying to renegotiate leases.

Matt McCullough, national sales manager of intermediary mortgage distribution at Aldermore, backed this sentiment, adding that this may change how BTL lenders operate moving forward.

“It goes without saying that there’s also been a staggering amount of landlords that have unfortunately been hit hard and have had to take payment holidays on their mortgages right across various different areas of the country,” he commented.

He highlighted that lenders asking landlords how they would deal with voids was fundamental to a BTL case.

“…People have documented how they would deal with them, but still haven’t dealt with them … so that’s a [really] big thing to think about moving forward.”

The third, and final part of the webinar — which was chaired by B&C editor, Beth Fisher, and included Stephen Barringer, head of mortgages at Market Harborough Building Society and Alistair Hargreaves, finance consultant at Arc & Co — can be viewed in full, below.

The first part, which was published last week and discussed why now is the “perfect” time for brokers to stand out as self-employed borrowers face rising costs and delays, can be viewed on B&C.

Part two urged self-employed borrowers to talk to their accountant at a “very early stage” to give them the best chance of success when looking to secure finance. 

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