Taco Brink

VAS Valuation Management introduces collateral monitoring

VAS Group's Valuation Management division has launched collateral monitoring, a new service that will provide desktop valuations for existing loan books, following heightened uncertainty around the value of global property markets since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Its team of experienced surveyors are set to give an accurate snapshot of commercial real estate portfolios.

Target clients include large financial lending institutions, debt funds, alternative lenders, and institutional fund managers in the UK and Europe.

As well as providing an up-to-the-minute overview of property and portfolio value, companies can quickly identify properties which require immediate intervention, and where properties should have a full external revaluation.

Taco Brink, co-founder and managing director at VAS Valuation Management (pictured above), said: “The Covid-19 epidemic has expedited structural changes in the property market and there are differing weekly reports from around the globe opining on the impact this will have on the value of the commercial real estate market.

“Our team of senior valuation professionals will review previous property and portfolio valuations, monitor market sentiment and transactions, and provide a fresh view on current values to assist companies in determining their optimal strategy.

“In the coming months, the true effect of the economic shutdown will show within rental delinquencies and eventually loan defaults; we are here to help clients navigate the ambiguities of valuations and deliver certainty.”

VAS Valuation Management — which launched in March 2020 — is based in London and focuses on providing valuation management, advisory services, and strategic solutions to European lenders, financial institutions, and investment fund managers.

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