Mike Davies, YBS Commercial Mortgages

YBS Commercial Mortgages brings back 75% LTV commercial investment loans

YBS Commercial Mortgages has returned its maximum 75% LTV on commercial investment transactions.

The maximum loan available per property for commercial investment has also increased by £2m to £5m, increasing the range of properties and schemes that the mutual can support.

In addition, the lender has also committed to making a minimum £150m available to borrowers over the next six months. 

YBS Commercial Mortgages has diversified the specific business types that it currently supports. 
While it is already lending in sectors such as essential retail, industrial properties, warehousing and construction, the lender will now support non-essential retail, wholesale and types of office-based businesses. 

Mike Davies, head of business development at YBS Commercial Mortgages (pictured above), said: “While we are very conscious of the challenges that the economy is facing, it is clear there are many businesses that are working hard to maintain their trading performance. 

“Whether through the delivery of essential products, such as pharmacies, food retailers, core services, transport and warehousing, there are many businesses seeking support for the future. 

“Our decision to return our LTV ratios up to a maximum of 75% is an indication of the support we will continue to provide to the commercial property sector.

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