Crystal Specialist Finance launches 'Wellbeing Wednesday' initiative

Crystal Specialist Finance (CSF) has launched a company ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ initiative, following the results of an internal health and wellbeing survey.

Through this initiative, the team will get a weekly chance to openly talk with their colleagues, either in the open or behind closed doors, sharing feelings, experiences and opinions on any topic, whether work or non-work related.

The launch follows an internal survey taken by the company’s 50 employees, as part of its Health and Wellbeing campaign.

The results showed 86% of CSF staff are ‘happy’ or ‘love’ what they do, compared to 48% of brokers who were recently asked the same question.  

Lack of sleep however was a re-occurring issue, with 27% of CSF staff and 23% of brokers stating that they never get the recommended daily dose of eight hours.

In terms of what CSF employees felt were most important factors connected to their health and wellbeing, relationships and financial independence were the top choices, similar to responses received from brokers.

CSF employees also listed a fulfilling professional career as another top choice, unlike brokers, who felt fitness and diet were more important. 

Jason Berry, group sales and marketing director at CSF (pictured above), said: “Our brokers and their customers depend on the Crystal team to deliver outstanding customer outcomes, so it is crucial our staff enjoy their jobs and feel part of a company, which is shaped by their feedback.

“One such example is the Wellbeing Wednesday initiative — if sleep is an issue for an individual, we want them to be in a safe environment where they can talk openly and honestly about the issues affecting them, so we can assist where possible.

“It is hoped that this internal campaign provides valuable strength and inspiration, so everyone within the Crystal family is best equipped to get through these difficult times.”

Crystal Specialist Finance has also encouraged all financial businesses to make staff health and wellbeing a priority.

“The health and wellbeing of people operating in our sector should be a real focus for all companies at present.

“Covid-19 has forced remote working environments upon us, and the high levels of transactions are creating strains which are compounded by funding processes, which are more dislocated than normal,” added Jason.

The latest issue of the Bridging and Commercial Magazine offers a more in-depth look at CSF's study and campaign, highlighting how working hours are affecting brokers' mental health you can read the article by clicking the following link.

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