Bridging Finance Solutions sees 32% increase in revenue

Bridging Finance Solutions has reported a strong performance during 2020, with revenue up by 32% year-on-year.

The firm remained operational throughout the lockdown using a 100% remote approach.

Steve Barber, managing director at Bridging Finance Solutions (pictured above), said: “It was fortuitous that we had already invested significantly in new technology and so the switch to 100% online was a fairly straightforward one. 

“This meant that there was zero disruption to our clients or our staff, who were all fully on board with the online processes.”

He added that the company also saw a new, emerging group of customers of higher-value deals in the South who couldn’t access funding from other lenders, despite being in the £1m-plus bracket.

“For us, every one of our deals counts and requires as much effort to secure a £50,000 bridge or development loan as a £1.5m loan, for instance.

“This has undoubtedly opened new markets for us.”

According to Steve, Bridging Finance Solutions is anticipating Q1 2021 to be very busy.

“Quantitative easing, ultra low interest rates, and the introduction of a vaccine will boost confidence, and possibly an element of hyperinflation, which will inevitably push house prices up and, therefore, demand.

“We are preparing ourselves for this potential upturn and, with a full team in place, the right processes, infrastructure, and technology, [we] are ready to deliver.

“We believe we will come through this stronger still, with a retained focus on delivering a first-class service for all customers."

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