Paresh Raja

MFS secures £200m funding line

Market Financial Solutions (MFS) has obtained its second funding line this year, worth £200m from a global hedge fund.

The funding has been sourced from an undisclosed hedge fund that has over £10bn in assets under management. 

It will help MFS fund large loans and development exits for significant property projects and is part of its long-term goal of increasing its loan book and expanding its institutional funding partnerships. 

“All successful funding partnerships are built on trust and transparency,” said Paresh Raja, CEO at MFS (pictured above).

“Investors want to engage with lenders that have the experience and expertise to take on complex cases, deliver bespoke solutions and come up with creative exit strategies. This is something MFS has continued to excel at. 

“This latest funding news is a reflection of the trust and confidence MFS has effectively established over the years with its funding partners. 

“By committing to the highest professional standards, I expect our loan book to continue to grow in the coming months.” 

In January, MFS secured a £150m credit line from an undisclosed institutional investor to meet the increasing demand.

With enquiries rising, additional funding has been sourced so that loans can be deployed quickly. 

Since inception, the business has delivered over £1.05bn worth of specialist finance loans. 

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