Glenhawk to adopt Finastra tech for loan book optimisation

Glenhawk has announced it is working with Finastra to adopt its banking solution, Fusion Essence Cloud.

The fintech integration aims to drive operational efficiency of the loan completion and management process, including monitoring the existing loan book.

The cloud platform will provide Glenhawk with a more simplified and comprehensive view of its lending portfolio with accurate real-time data, allowing universal access and an ability to bring new products to market quickly, enabling the growth of additional revenue streams according to customer demand. 

The lender will also be able to automate internal processes, such as statement preparation, key notices, and letters.

Damani Johnson, chief operating officer at Glenhawk (pictured above), said: “Finastra’s platform offers crucial, accurate and up-to-date data which will enable us to improve customer service, quicken transition timescales, automate administrative processes, and drive positive loan book performance. 

“As a property finance specialist, this partnership will allow us to continue scaling in line with our growth plans, as borrowers increasingly look for alternatives to traditional high-street lenders. 

“We look forward to rolling out our growing product suite on the platform in due course.”

Guy Harrington, CEO at Glenhawk, added: “In Finastra we see a partner that will facilitate our growth trajectory by allowing us to leverage a single platform to manage our multiple regulated and unregulated financial solutions for property investors and developers.

“We are confident that the greater efficiency that Finastra brings to the loan management process will contribute to our robust loan book growth projections. 

“Working with Finastra is a strong endorsement of our strategy and the latest demonstration of how we are looking to marry institutional-style practices with an entrepreneurial approach to redefining the bridging sector in the UK.”

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