New commercial property finance brokerage enters the market

New specialist brokerage, Finanze, has officially launched after securing FCA authorisation as an AR of Connect IFA Limited.

Founded and created by Alastair Hoyne (pictured above), the firm offers bespoke services to sophisticated property investors covering commercial mortgages and bridging, BTL and development finance.

Alastair has over 15 years of experience working in finance, both nationally and internationally.

He started out in property in 2005, setting up an online real estate portal which he then sold, and then moved into investment banking and fund management, focusing on the coverage of financial institutions until 2013. 

Following this, he set up a strategic consulting firm, specialising in helping firms scale and raise funds — mainly in private equity real estate — along with investing in other property businesses. 

In his new venture, Alastair will review numerous different lenders to find the best products for its clients’ needs, producing illustrations and calculating the true cost of the debt to provide borrowers with products that will maximise their return on investment.

As a result of his relationships with Connect IFA Limited and various short- and long-term lenders in the market, Alastair claims Finanze will provide a significant range of offerings, negotiate unique terms, and create custom facilities with finance providers specifically designed for certain segments of its client base.

The firm charges £199 on application and 0.5% of the gross loan as a success fee upon receiving a full mortgage/loan offer post valuation, with a procuration fee from lenders on a case-by-case basis.

“Every customer is unique and they each deserve their own bespoke solution, not just an off-the-peg database driven response,” says Alastair.

“I focus on building lifelong relationships with customers, becoming a trusted part of their property ‘power team’, and adding value in the decision-making process throughout the property lifecycle.”

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