Semi-commercial - a step up from BTL

Bridging & Commercial will be hosting its next virtual roundtable at 1pm on Monday, 18th October, in partnership with InterBay Commercial.

The interactive event, which is part of a series launched earlier this year, will be moderated by Medianett’s managing director, Caron Schreuder.

The topic will be: 'Semi commercial – the first step up from BTL'.

Emily Machin, head of specialist finance at OSB Group — InterBay Commercial’s parent company — will be joined by Jason Berry, group sales and marketing director at Crystal Specialist Finance; Matthew Rowne, director at The Buy to Let Broker; and Lucy Barrett, managing director at Vantage Finance.

Registration is open and free to attend by all professionals working in the sector. 

The panel will be taking questions during the event and attendees are encouraged to get involved. 

It will also be available to watch after 18th October on B&C.

Commenting ahead of the event, Jason said: “Over the last three months, there has certainly been an increase in semi-commercial transactions. 

“More landlords than ever are looking to diversify their portfolios and there are some excellent solutions readily available for brokers.”

Lucy added: “With the shifting landscape for landlords over the last few years, there is a continued emphasis on making their portfolios work for them from an income perspective. 

"While some are in it purely for capital growth, the rising taxation in the BTL sector has made many reconsider their strategy where income is a key factor. 

“This topic is really important because the growing demand requires appropriate finance to support investors, and it is the challengers banks that can offer this support.”

Matthew commented: “Location and the type of commercial unit is critical to long-term sustainability and the landlord’s ability to leverage their investment.

“However, should we see the anticipated correction to house prices sometime in the future, then agile landlords with more diverse securities are less likely to be stuck with an effective non-yielding, non-capital appreciating business.

“With the added complexity of semi-commercial security, it is even more imperative that landlords surround themselves with professionals that they trust, and consider the value that comes from working in tandem with both specialist lenders and brokerages.”

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