P2P lender launches new website

P2P lender launches new website

The BridgeCrowd has launched a new website with added features following strong growth over the last 18 months.

The peer-to-peer secured bridging lender has occupied a strong space in the second charge bridging market, where it offers 68% LTVs across residential owner occupied and buy-to-let properties.

The new BridgeCrowd website features a fully online view of the current live and historic loan book, a loan performance update system and an E-Wallet, where investors can place capital into loans and manage their account and interest.

Louis Alexander, managing director of the BridgeCrowd, said the key to its success had been the trust in it from the investors.

“Our investors have shown a great appetite and commitment to the company.

“We wanted to reward that loyalty by making the company more transparent and the best way to do this was to have a fully online loan book and an account that investors can manage online.”  

Louis added that the investors were also happy about the recent updates to the website.

“Simon Thompson, an investor since the company was formed in 2013, commented that ‘the new features have made investing in the BridgeCrowd much simpler and easier to manage’.

“The company has always shown great returns, and we will now look to increase our investments into the P2P loans offered throughout the platform.”

Luke Roughly, CTO of BridgeCrowd, added: “One of the goals of the new features was to enable the company to scale up its lending by accepting more investors into its platform and giving them simple manageable tools to view and interact with their loans.

“Since the new website went live, we have seen more and more investors join the company and committing funds into the loans.”

The new BridgeCrowd website is available to view at www.thebridgecrowd.com.

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