Broker exclusives unveiled at Blue Skies Bridging Seminar

Broker exclusives unveiled at Blue Skies Bridging Seminar


Although the heavens in Bristol were well and truly open for the inaugural bridging finance road show last Thursday, Blue Skies were seen by the city’s brokers who came along to the Watershed media centre to learn the ins-and-outs of short term loans. 

Watford-based bridging lender Cheval had made the trip in the early hours from London to Bristol Temple Meads in order to put on the morning seminar, designed for brokers to find out more about how to use bridging finance, as well as how it can benefit their business and help their clients.


As Gareth Lewis, Cheval’s National Sales Manager, so succinctly put it, in spite of the early morning start: “We’re all about education. I love talking with brokers, hearing about their experiences, and changing any misconceptions they may have about bridging.”


True to his word, Gareth dedicated a whole part of his detailed presentation to “Dispelling the myths”, where he blasted the common misunderstandings: “Bridging is not expensive if used correctly; it is not only used to bridge the gap between buying and selling a house and it is not non-status lending – we have to feel comfortable about who we’re lending to and a client’s status is important.”


Attending brokers listened keenly, putting Cheval-branded pen to Cheval-branded notepad, with some admitting that they had not yet come across bridging.


Ollie Sills, a mortgage broker for London & Country Mortgages, said: “I’m completely naïve to the bridging finance process and have never used it before, so that’s why I’m here – to learn more.”


Another adviser, Mike Legg, who deals with commercial mortgages, admitted: “I did a little bit 10 years ago but a lot has changed now, especially what they will lend on.”


This Gareth tackled in his opening speech, saying: “Gone are the days of tick-box lending. Notwithstanding published lending criteria, each deal is assessed on its own merits. In a nutshell, the deal must make sense.”


Brokers were brought up to speed on Cheval’s ‘common sense lending’ ethos through case studies and examples, before the crowd was broken up into three smaller groups for further round table discussions.

One exciting feature unveiled at the seminar was the launch of the Cheval Club – an exclusive club being launched solely to Blue Skies brokers initially, which comes with an exclusive interest rate on 1st charge deals and an additional procuration fee payable on loan completion, as well as a quarterly prize draw.


Gavin Diamond, Finance Director at Cheval, said: “The Cheval Club is an exciting new initiative. It provides tangible benefits to both brokers and their customers, in addition to the service excellence for which Cheval is well-known.”


After a feast of a buffet lunch, and a good deal more networking, the brokers streamed out of the picturesque Watershed room and back down to business, with the Blue Skies poster still standing, proclaiming: Bridging Finance Made Easy.


And according to the feedback of attendees, this was definitely achieved. Lawrence Richards, of GTT Mortgages, summed up: “The whole morning was very detailed and in depth, and the information is grand. It’s always worthwhile learning something new and using that knowledge to help your clients.”


  • The next Blue Skies Bridging seminar will be held on Thursday the 3rd of June in Birmingham. To attend and join the Cheval Club with all of its added benefits, click


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