Woolwich leaving brokers out in the cold

Woolwich leaving brokers out in the cold


Woolwich appear to be letting down brokers who have not completed a deal with them recently by de-registering them from their online application system.

If a registered intermediary has not completed business with the Woolwich via their max online system within the last 6 months then they are being turned away and left unable to take advantage of the competitive mortgage deals on offer to brokers. Re-registering brokers is apparently not an option for the foreseeable future.

A Woolwich spokesman said: "To help maintain high levels of service at a time of unprecedented demand Woolwich reorganised its broker contact strategy at the end of March. Most resource was placed in serving regular users to ensure a high level of service. Unfortunately in order to maintain these levels we also de-registered accounts that had not been used for over 6 months as these were seen as dormant. We have found this has worked very well in helping us maintain a high level of service for all regular users."

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