Gordons Property Lawyers meet with Chief Land Registrar Marco Pierleoni

Gordons Property Lawyers meet with Chief Land Registrar Marco Pierleoni


Gordons Property Lawyers, the award winning, privately owned solicitors, has announced that its Managing Partner, Bob Bhalla, has met with the Chief Executive and Chief Land Registrar, Marco Pierleoni, to discuss how the Land Registry can improve its services to users.

As one of the top three law firms and users of the Land Registry in the UK, the Maidenhead offices of Gordons Property Lawyers was visited by Mr Pierleoni last week, with topics on the table ranging from changes in the market to challenges ahead.


Marco Pierleoni, acted as Director-General, Finance and Commercial at the Ministry of Justice, before taking up the role of Chief Executive of the Land Registry in January  this year. He succeeded former Chief Executive, Peter Collis.


Bob Bhalla said: “It was very refreshing to meet with someone at the highest level of the Land Registry. Mr Pierleoni came down to our offices, sat with us for over an hour and talked through all the changes and improvements that have been made, and are continuing to be made at the Land Registry.”


In June 2009, Gordons Property Lawyers piloted a new Land Registry initiative – a Customer Centric Team wholly dedicated to dealing with Land Registry applications from particular law firms. The pilot has been deemed a success, and is now being made permanent, with similar teams rolled out in other Land Registry offices nationally to work with other customers.


This meeting to consider various proposals will take place annually, with other issues discussed including the increasing problem of property fraud and how the new coalition government will affect the Land Registry.


On the subject of the new government, Mr Pierleoni said: “Budgets could be affected, but the Land Registry is already involved in this, moving much of their work online and reducing office space,”


Mr Bhalla stated: “As for fraud, It is something that the Land Registry understands well, and I suggested that Mr Pierleoni shares his knowledge, perhaps through workshops, in order to help others in the sector identify it.”


Mr Bhalla concluded: “Overall, the meeting was successful, Marco and the Land Registry were receptive to our suggestions and I look forward to working with them in the future.”


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