Drunken property developer terrorises travellers on board long distance flight

Drunken property developer terrorises travellers on board long distance flight


A British property developer has been sentenced after attacking air stewards and threatening to open the plane doors on a Thai Air flight from Bangkok to Heathrow.

James Green, 31, is a businessman who spends the majority of his time in Thailand with his Thai partner where he develops property. His violent behaviour on board the plane was provoked after air stewards refused to serve him alcohol.

Having boarded the night flight at around midnight, Mr Green immediately started drinking and after three hours of constant drinking the air stewards refused to serve him. At this point, clearly aggravated, he got up from his seat and went to the toilet where he started slamming the door and emptying the bin contents on the floor.

Whilst the rest of the plane slept, Mr Green tried to stumble back to his seat but instead landed on the lap of another passenger who was fast asleep. When the man awoke and asked him what was happening Mr Green started spitting and swearing at him.
The intoxicated businessman was then handed a warning letter about his behaviour which he tore up in a new fit of rage. At this point he tried to gain access to first class and turned violent – kicking, punching and headbutting anyone who came near him.
Eventually the stewards managed to restrain him using plastic cords and handcuffs. He continued to shout for a time but finally passed out in a drunken stupor.
When the plane landed in Heathrow the property developer was met by police, to whom he said: "But I've apologised" and that he couldn’t remember a thing.
Edward Lewis, prosecuting, told Isleworth Crown Court: "The defendant is a property developer with interests in Thailand who caused mayhem at 30,000 feet three hours into a flight from Bangkok to Heathrow.
"He became so intoxicated that he tore off his shirt and went berserk, punching and kicking out when attempts were made to restrain him.
"Eventually he was handcuffed, then trussed up like a chicken in a straitjacket until he lapsed into what the Crown submits an alcoholic haze."
Defending, Adrian Keeling, said Green was embarrassed and had £60,000 available in cash to offer up in compensation for what happened.
He said: "He is a property developer in Thailand where he has been dealing successfully for the past seven years. He spends 90 per cent of his time there.
"He has a Thai partner and supports her and her extended family in a way that is culturally the norm."
However, Mr Green pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft, two accounts of common assault and interfering with the performance of an aircraft crew member.
He was given a suspended sentence of 11 months – suspended for two years – and ordered to pay £4,800 cost and compensation.Judge Andrew McDowall who sentenced him said: "The brutally simple fact is that you drank much more than you are capable of handling.
"Violent and drunken behaviour under any circumstances is unpleasant in public houses and bars. People can be literally thrown out and I daresay there was a school of thought that that should be extended to aircraft as well.
"But as it is, when you are travelling on a long distance flight there is no escape from the kind of behaviour that you have displayed."

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