Complete offers free Trigold for regular sources of business

Complete offers free Trigold for regular sources of business


Complete Mortgage and Loan Services has announced that it will supply free Trigold membership to brokers that introduce two or more cases a month for packaging. This represents a saving of over £30 per month to participating brokers and gives them access to whole of market product comparisons, including all Complete exclusive products.

Tristan Pile, Complete’s head of sales and marketing, commented: ”We believe that offering Trigold free will create valuable synergy between Complete and its broker base and will help to continue to boost business levels at a time when the market remains relatively flat. Understanding the scope of our regular business introducers will help us to gauge future volumes and plan ahead with regard to our own resources. At the same time, free access to Trigold not only saves brokers the expense of the monthly fee, but also helps them to provide and fast and accurate service to their mortgage clients.”

David Aylmer, marketing and business development director at Trigold said “The team at Complete genuinely recognise the huge importance for brokers to be able to source with confidence and allow the submission of cases to Complete electronically via ETC and are being proactive in helping brokers access these tools. It is essential in today’s market for brokers to have reliable and established technology underpinning their businesses and with this promotion we’re delighted to be the sourcing system of choice for Complete Mortgage and Loan Services.”

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