Bankrupt football legend probed by police over loan fraud

Bankrupt football legend probed by police over loan fraud


Former footballer and Scotland captain, Colin Hendry, is being investigated by police following a claim of fraud against him.

Two former friends of the Blackburn and Rangers star told police that he borrowed £95,000 from them just before he went bankrupt with debts of £2.2 million.


It was reported back in March that Hector and Williamina McFarlane were in the process of

suing Hendry over his failure to pay back the sizeable loan.


However, the footballer, of Lytham, Lancashire, then entered bankruptcy proceedings and the couple went to the police.

Hector MacFarlane, 61, told Scottish newspaper, the Daily Record: “Colin Hendry borrowed £95,000 from us and then proceeded to go bankrupt.

“After looking at all the correspondence and paperwork about this loan, we were advised to go to the police. This we have done.”

The couple, who used to be Hendry’s neighbours, are demanding to know the state of the footballer’s finances when they agreed to lend him cash.

They also complained that Hendry’s daughter, Rheagan, sent them a threatening message on Facebook.

20 year-old Rheagan Hendry, who is five months pregnant, has admitted that she sent the message but never threatened “physical abuse”.

According to press reports, the message to Williamina McFarlane stated: “You started it and I will very much end it for both of you.”

Lancashire Police confirmed that they were investigating the fraud claims and alleged threat, although Rheagan told the paper that police have not contacted her yet.


The McFarlanes were once close friends of the Hendry family, and supported the footballer after the death of his wife, Denise, last July from complications caused by a botched liposuction surgery.


It is thought that Hendry first began to suffer financial problems in the months leading up to his wife’s death, when he was forced to give up work in order to take care of her.


In an email written five months before his wife passed away, Hendry asked Hector MacFarlane to lend him £50,000, the first of a series of loans, saying: “Cash flow is zero and the vultures are circling”.

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