DJ-turned-property developer: Danny Rampling unveils groundbreaking property venture

DJ-turned-property developer: Danny Rampling unveils groundbreaking property venture


Former Radio 1 disk jockey and pioneer of the UK club scene Danny Rampling is set to unveil his brand new venture: a luxury, eco-friendly property development in Hastings.

Constructed by housebuilders Phoenix Trinity, the development – named Shoreline – is the brain child of an all-star ensemble: former GQ journalist Simon Hinton, Charlotte Avery, (aka Tina Stewart from EastEnders) and raver-cum-property developer Rampling.

A computer generated image of the development

The development is due for practical completion on August 23 and the trio hope to see homeowners move in as early as September.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from a range of people, including many Londoners, who work increasingly from home, realising they can trade in their £400,000 flat in West Hampstead for a 2,000 sq ft home by the seaside,” says Hinton, managing director of Phoenix Trinity.

Situated in trendy St Leonards-on-Sea in Hastings, the second line seafront development comprises of ten carbon reductive homes priced at £375,000 each. As well as promising to offset your carbon footprint, the houses come complete with panoramic views of the coastline.


The development is being pitched at affluent,  eco-conscious Lon

doners, as well as locals, and have been described as the ideal green, guilt-free second home. Within commuting distance to London, Hastings has seen something of a resurgence in recent years, attracting an increasing number of high net worth individuals and celebrities, a trend that Hinton is eager to take advantage of.

“St Leonards has seen a renaissance in recent years; the recession, the weak pound and people being more careful about flying has led to the south coast experiencing a real revival. Places like St Leonards have had to keep up; it’s a much more sophisticated place than it was ten years ago.

“But the homes are not designed to be just second homes, they can be lived in as your main home too,” continues Hinton. 

The living room

As for the green credentials, they’re pretty impressive. In order to make the homes carbon neutral – meaning they will offset as much or more Co2 than they create – each house is fitted with solar panels, a bio fuel stove, regulation surpassing insulation and air transfer systems. And Hinton believes this is the future of modern housing, that heat transfer systems should be installed in all new builds as a matter of routine. 

Each Shoreline Home comes with a full NHBC ten year new-build guarantee and RIBA architect certification, giving “each purchaser peace of mind that their house is a great investment [and] has been built to very high standards that have been monitored closely at every level of the build process,”  the Phoenix Trinity  website states.

However, the aesthetics of the eco-friendly development may be another matter, with the Shoreline properties built in a tiered style, with the sea facing side five stories high and the street side just three stories. But what of one remark that the brochure’s computer generated image of the front facade resembles an overgrown beach hut?

“I find most new builds obnoxious,” says Hinton. “All I can say is that Danny and Charlotte and I fell in love with the designs immediately. You need to come visit them to really appreciate how fantastic they look – you can’t rely on a computer generated image.”

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