86 year-old threatened with ASBO and eviction after row over property repairs

86 year-old threatened with ASBO and eviction after row over property repairs


An 86 year-old woman – who has never crossed the line of the law – has been threatened with her first ASBO after being accused of swearing at a property warden, according to the Welsh Pontypridd Observer newspaper.

Beatrice Hollinshead, who lives in council complex RCT Homes, received a letter threatening her with an ASBO and the seizure of her home, after being accused of swearing at a member of staff from the Housing Association.

The law-abiding widow insists she did not use foul language when she spoke to the warden, Pauline Lane, to complain about repairs her property needed that had not been carried out.

Mrs Hollinshead, who has never even had a parking ticket, told the Pontypridd Observer: ”After I had the nasty letter, I asked the warden what foul language did I use.

“And she said I used the ‘F’ word, but I am 86 years old and I have never used that word in my life.”

The great-grandmother of five said she couldn’t believe RCT Homes has threatened to seize her property or take out an ASBO against her.

The elderly woman, who has suffered with angina, added: “I’m shocked and disgusted at the way I have been treated. It has affected my health.”

Her son, Graham Hollinshead, accused RCT Homes of bullying his mother, and said: “I have never heard my mother swear in my life. RCT homes shouldn’t be bullying an 86-year-old lady. She’s very distressed and upset about this.”


The pensioner’s daughter, Valerie Price, also spoke up about the incident, claiming her mother has become more introverted and has avoided taking part in some of the activities at the complex.


“She’s been crying about this because it has upset her so much.


“And it hasn’t done her heart any good. If her heart had been worse, the stress caused could have been fatal.”


She added: “I know my mother would not have said that word, so it is so frustrating that they took the warden’s word for it and wrote that horrible letter to my mother without going to see her first.”


An RCT Homes spokesperson said: “RCT Homes always takes action if a member of our staff reports aggressive or abusive behaviour by any tenant, but we accept that we should have gone round to talk to Beatrice first rather than sending a formal letter.


“We have since spoken at length with both Beatrice and her family on a number of occasions and we have agreed that the letter won’t be kept on file.


“Our main concern now is to help Pauline and Beatrice to rebuild the relationship of trust and politeness that needs to exist between a sheltered housing scheme manager and any resident.”


By Dawn Murden

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