B&C Awards 2017: Rosetrees selected as charity partner

Rosetrees Trust will be this year's charity partner for the Bridging & Commercial Awards.

The family trust – which uses venture philanthropy to support medical research – will be speaking at the Awards, which take place at the Hurlingham Club on Thursday 8th June. 

Rosetrees provides grants to outstanding researchers at all stages of their careers to conduct cutting-edge medical research. 

The charity is supported by development finance lender Regentsmead. 

Professor Charles Swanton will be speaking at the Awards on behalf of Rosetrees and will be introduced by Sam Howard, COO at Regentsmead and trustee of Rosetrees.

“Rosetrees is unique in that [it has] 30 years’ experience of sourcing, evaluating and monitoring the best medical research in the country,” said Sam.

“Donors get the benefit of [its] expertise at no cost, unlike almost every other charity, as every penny donated goes to research as all running costs are covered by Regentsmead. 

“Bearing in mind our seed corn funding leads to a 30-times multiple in major grants – which now exceed £300m –this is starting to have a real impact on cutting-edge progress.”

Professor Swanton is based at the new Francis Crick Institute and studies how cancer cells change as they grow. 

Identifying these mechanisms is the key to understanding how cancer cells become resistant to treatment.

His groundbreaking research was recently featured in the national media. 

Professor Swanton’s work was funded by Rosetrees and has led to a £13m funding investment from Cancer Research UK, University College London and Syncona to develop a clinical programme around targeting clonal neoantigens within a spin-out company with the first trial on man likely to begin shortly.

Other research products backed by Rosetrees include Professor Nazneen Rahman’s studies on identifying genes that predispose the specific types of childhood cancer. 

The research will mean that people at risk can be identified and screened leading to earlier treatment and better outcomes. 

To find out more about Rosetrees and the research it is helping to fund, visit 

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