41% of SMEs negatively affected by Brexit

More than two-fifths (41%) of UK SMEs claim to have been negatively affected by Brexit with only 5% feeling a positive impact from it, according to a new study.

Research by Liberis has found that 27% of SMEs surveyed said that product and service sourcing has suffered, with 24% of respondents stating that their bottom line had also being negatively affected by the referendum outcome.

However, the survey of 500 UK SME owners by the small business lender revealed that 65% of respondents said leaving the EU would not affect their ability to hire staff.

The majority (54%) believed that they had not been positively nor negatively affected by the vote.

Only 12% said sales and leads had been positively affected by Brexit.

Overall, 62% of those surveyed voted to remain in the EU.

Businesses which both imported and exported were split on how leaving the EU would affect their ability to source products, services or materials at a reasonable price, with 52% assuming a negative impact.

Despite Brexit, the UK remains globally attractive with almost a third (31%) of commercial real estate investors declaring it their preferred region to invest in.

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