Ian Broadbent

HFBS provides £150,000 loan for business relocation

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions (HFBS) has funded a self-employed business owner with a £150,000 loan to secure a new commercial property.

A standard commercial mortgage would not have been quick enough to support the client’s needs, so the lender was asked to step in.

Although the client had adverse credit – which restricted the options available to her – HFBS was satisfied by the individual’s attempt to sell her home to clear her debt and downsize to a mortgage-free property.

Ian Broadbent, director at HFBS (pictured above), said: “It was an incredibly stressful time for our customer.

“She was on the brink of losing the commercial property due to a commercial mortgage lender not acting quick enough, she was also hopeful of selling her home to aid the move, but unfortunately the timing just wasn’t right.

“We were approached via her broker who was simply looking for funding fast.

“We were able to meet, instruct a valuation, get the relevant documentation together and transfer funds all within one week.”

It takes HFBS an average of less than seven days from an enquiry to money in the client’s bank.

In June, HFBS provided a £100,000 loan to a client whose investment property above a commercial unit in Manchester was badly damaged by tenants. 

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