Hugh Wade-Jones (pictured left) Islay Robinson (pictured right)

Enness celebrates 10th anniversary

Enness is celebrating its 10th anniversary by releasing a brand video showcasing its unique range of high-net-worth (HNW) financing services.

The independent whole-of-market mortgage brokerage has worked in partnership with Thumbnail Productions to produce the video, which highlights its holistic approach to property and luxury asset financing.

The video will form the basis for a wider advertising and marketing campaign.

Islay Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Enness (pictured above, right), commented: “Enness’ 10th year has been unbelievable in terms of growth and Hugh [Wade-Jones, co-founder of Enness] and I could not be prouder of what’s been achieved.
“To double in size and open two new international offices in the space of a year is an indication of our determination to be – and remain – the world’s leading broker of large loans.

“Diversifying is key, particularly throughout the challenging times which have undoubtedly hit – and continue to hit – our market, so being able to assist our clients with their changing requirements has been a priority for us.

“Our success over the decade is testament to this commitment."

Islay and Hugh (pictured above, left) added: “The next decade is set to be a very exciting one for us, on a global scale.

“Our international focus and outreach is a huge part of our business, and we are looking forward to further opportunities of lending in many different countries.

“In 10 years, we plan to be providing a specialist service to high-net-worth individuals with complex financing requirements worldwide.

“Furthermore, Enness is primarily a high-net-worth brokerage, but we will look to become even more holistic than we are now, by extending our secondary services offering.

“Enness Global Insurance – a new broker for HNW international general and personal insurance – launches in October."

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