Castle Trust announces new portfolio landlord lending approach

Castle Trust Capital has announced details of how it will implement the PRA Phase 2 changes from 30th September regarding the underwriting process for portfolio landlords.

The lender – which already includes a portfolio landlord statement as part of its underwriting process – has published the approach it will take on its website.

Matthew Wyles, group executive director at Castle Trust Capital, said: “The PRA’s requirement for underwriters to take a proportionate approach to portfolio landlords, based on their knowledge of the borrower, is simply an articulation of sound commercial lending.

“Castle Trust has always specialised in larger, more complex buy-to-let portfolios and so the provisions of SS13/16 are just business as usual for us.

“This said, it is important that we are clear and transparent with the market and so, by laying out our approach and the portfolio rental calculations that we use, we can eliminate any element of doubt.”

This information is available at

A portfolio landlord is someone with an interest in four or more distinct mortgaged buy-to-let properties, which are solely or jointly owned by the same applicant.

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