An introduction to Lendhub

Lendhub – the specialist bridging and development finance provider – aims to make waves in the industry as the new "lender of choice".

Founder and managing director Christopher Adamou (pictured below) – a chartered accountant, who previously worked in the banking and capital markets team at Deloitte – launched the relationship-based lender in September 2016 at a time when he felt the market had become constrained and impersonal, with many lenders “behaving like banks”.

“We adopt a pragmatic approach to lending, always looking at the bigger picture,” Christopher said.

“Our experienced team understands the complexities and is able to tackle obstacles that other lenders would shy away from.

“The people at the end of the phone are the people making the key decisions.

“We are agile and deliver solutions individually tailored to each borrower’s needs.

“We have assisted in cases where the existing lenders underwriting the loan have not been prepared to take commercial views to enable the timely drawdown of the loan and we have had to step in and deliver at extremely short notice.

“We build and maintain strong relationships with our brokers/borrowers, working with them as partners.”

The team behind the privately funded outfit includes Christopher, Prodromos Adamou, director, and BDM Costas Arpapi, who previously worked for short-term lender Consulco Bridging Finance.
Christopher Adamou
Christopher Adamou, founder and MD at Lendhub

Prodromos Adamou
Prodromos Adamou, director at Lendhub

Costas Arpapi
Costas Arpapi, BDM at Lendhub

“The management team brings [a] wealth of experience in commercial finance, property development, mortgage and financial advice,” Christopher added.

Despite only launching last year, the lender has already set its sights on expanding.

“Lendhub is already looking to grow its dynamic team.

“We are looking at recruiting analysts [and] underwriters.”

What products does Lendhub offer? 

Bridging finance:

  • loans from £100,000
  • no exit fees
  • up to 75% LTV
  • rates from 0.65% per month
  • terms up to 12 months

Development finance:

  • loans from £200,000
  • up to 65% loan to GDV
  • up to 90% loan to cost
  • rates from 0.8% per month
  • terms up to 24 months

“We don’t only lend based on prescribed products, we also consider any enquiries that fall outside of the guidelines.

“Lendhub prides itself on being fast, overseeing the deal from beginning to end [and] ensuring that any issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively along the way.”

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