Corlytics partners with FCA to create intelligent handbook

Corlytics has partnered with the FCA to develop a new intelligent handbook.

The regulatory risk intelligence specialist worked with the authority to develop a central, common taxonomy to categorise all regulations in the document.

The handbook – which previously didn’t have built-in search capability by theme – has now been restructured and is searchable by teams, business line, activity and theme.

This means that the existing material in the handbook can now be tagged and machine read.

The old version of the online regulatory handbook used indexing technology, which split the document into several blocks, which were sub-divided into modules and further divided into chapters.

Each chapter contained a mixture of ‘rules’ and ‘guidance’.

Corlytics has added front-end artificial intelligence by using a metadata structure.

John Byrne, CEO of Corlytics, said: “We have put a metadata structure – much like that used by Google – in place.

“Transforming the handbook from a comprehensive legal index to a highly accessible tool for all users.

“We have used artificial intelligence and intelligence search technology to enable the easy discovery of data and insights.

“This intelligent search allows accurate search and discovery with non-precise search criteria.

“So, users, be they lawyers, compliance officers, risk analysts, banking executives or small firms can all quickly and easily find the regulatory information they need.”

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